Reusable goggles (SALE)

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Housing material: PVC plastic
Glass material: impact-resistant plastic

Material characteristics:

Goggles tight ZNG1 PANORAMA of the ROSOMZ producer. The special design of the glasses provides a snug fit and reliable protection around the perimeter. The body of the glasses is made of PVC plastic. The elastic headband is designed to securely adjust the fit. The glasses are equipped with a dropper bottle with anti-fog liquid. Complete sealing from the environment is ensured by the absence of ventilation holes. Glass material: Plexiglas - impact-resistant plastic made of optically transparent polymethyl methacrylate.

Use of glasses:

The glasses are recommended for employees of the chemical, metallurgical, machine-building, oil, gas industries, chemical laboratories in combination with filter masks. Protect from irritants that affect the eyes: ozone, fine dust (flour, sugar, lime). Ideal for high temperature work. The glasses are designed to completely protect the eye area from moving high-speed solid particles with low kinetic energy. They are highly resistant to aggressive solutions of chemicals, acids and alkalis.

Light green
Polymethyl methacrylate

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